The foundation for our self-esteem and values is rooted
in our childhood experiences and beliefs

Yet, for many children, life can be overwhelming and full of daily challenges.

Worry and anxiety can be brought on by many situations.

These may be friendship issues, constant feelings of being judged by parents, teachers and peers, or worries about self-image.

Add to this intense school and extracurricular schedules, plus the pressures of technology and social media, and it’s no surprise that children are struggling to find coping strategies to handle everything being thrown at them

As parents and
carers, all we want is
to empower our
children to develop
to their full potential


I can help your child to replace self-limiting
beliefs with a positive mindset

beliefs with a positive mindset
Just as an athletic coach will train and improve your child’s physical strength and resilience, my life coaching techniques will improve your child’s stress responses, enabling them to manage the social and emotional challenges they face every day.

My goal, working with you, is to set them free from any self-limiting beliefs and help them to become truly confident and individual young people with a positive growth mindset. ​

Rapid Transformational Therapy is very effective for children. Coaching packages can include this, if necessary.

What outcomes can you expect from Life Coaching?

  • your child will implement daily routines to eliminate stress and reduce anxiety
  • they will find social interaction and communication easier
  • more enthusiasm and motivation to learn, leading to better school results
  • improved listening skills
  • reduction in negative self-defeating behaviours
  • improved co-operation and a better ability to follow instructions
  • your child will be more confident and self-assured
  • they will be calmer and much more focused
  • they will be happier and more motivated
  • your child will take more responsibility for their own actions, with an ability to ’self-coach’ – choosing how and where to place their efforts to achieve their goals


Every child has different needs and requirements. That’s why I provide exclusive coaching tailored to their individual needs and to suit your requirements as parents or carers. These all take place within a safe and uplifting environment from my home in Surrey.

Whether in a private one-to-one setting or a workshop with other children, the sessions will be a fun and enjoyable experience for them. With lots of play time thrown in, your child will not realise how goal-oriented my sessions are!

"Storm has a lovely, calming nature with her 'students' she
quickly helps you all to feel at ease and empowers the
children with new strategies. They have a Growth Mindset
attitude and they set their own goals, with support. The
activities are engaging and are helping us to
communicate better as a family.
Very lucky children to take this journey '' ​


As parents and
carers, all we want is
to empower our
children to develop
to their full potential